Earn up to 40% lifetime commissions


Slots & Live Casino Revenue Share

0-0.2 BTC
0.2 - 0.7 BTC
0.7 - 1 BTC
1 BTC +

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You can earn bitcoin for promoting our online gaming brand, Here’s how to do it:

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  2.  Once your account’s been set up, use our ad tools to promote to your audience.
  3. Check your stats and see how much bitcoin you’re earning!

Commission structure

Gross Revenue % Share of Net Revenue
0 – 0.2 BTC 25%
0.2 – 0.7 BTC 30%
0.7 – 1 BTC 35%
1 BTC+ 40%

Commission calculation:

Gross Revenue – (Bonus + Rebates) = Net Revenue

Net Revenue x % Share = Commission

Player gross revenue contribution to affiliate commission calculation

Days Since Player Registration % Gross Revenue Contribution to Affiliate
0 – 30 100%
31 – 60 75%
61 – 90 50%
91+ 25%

Gross Revenue is defined as total deposits by referred players in the month adding or subtracting win/loss.

Net Revenue is defined as ‘Gross Revenue’ subtracting all bonus and rebate cost given to players.


Our tracking is set up to use the Web Storage API for your internet browser. This means that your unique partner tracking code is tagged on to your referred players’ browsers and doesn’t have an expiry date. Successfully tracking players to our partners is important to us. It’s the foundation of our successful partnership.

Time limit

There’s no limit to the time that you can earn commissions providing that you follow the terms and conditions agreed when signing up to promote


We’re proud of our license because it protects the safety and security of our players. As part of our licensing requirements, we ask that our partners complete a one-time-only KYC check. This involves providing your verification documents to confirm your identity before we pay any commission to you.

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