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Ether rises above $3,200 for the first time ever

Founder Vitalik Buterin becomes a billionaire, and the currency now has a market cap larger than the Bank of America!

Elon Musk pushes The Dogefather mainstream

Since tweeting about an SNL skit coming May 8th, the value of dogecoin has skyrocketed. While Musk’s tweets regularly impact the price of the meme cryptocurrency, we’ll see if an SNL skit will have an even bigger impact!

Bitcoin mining difficulty self adjusts

Mining difficulty dropped 12.6% to compensate for mass outages in China. This is the largest adjustment since 2012, making it a good time to be a miner.

For more: Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Sees Largest Downward Adjustment of the Year (coindesk.com)

NFL players are betting big, taking salaries & bonuses in bitcoin

Number 1 NFL Draft Pick Trevor Lawrence has converted his entire signing bonus to cryptocurrencies this week, after Kansas City Chiefs’ Sean Culkin became the first NHL player to take his entire salary in bitcoin!

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