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How to use your affiliate marketing tools

One of the keys to any affiliate’s success is great content! We’ve created a bunch of banners that feature different experiences and promotions for your players.

You can find them all, and your unique tracking link, in your btb88partners account. Once you’ve logged in, just select “Media Gallery”.

You’ll see campaigns that look like this:

You’ll see the banners, as well as a direct link, Javascript, and HTML for each one. You have three choices:

1. Download the banner and upload it to your website. Copy the direct link and use it to link back to btb88.

2. Copy the Javascript and use it to embed the banner into your website.

3. Copy the HTML and use it to embed the banner into your website and track extra metrics like number of impressions.

Whichever way you choose, all the players who click through your link will be tracked, and you’ll receive commissions for their play!